Everyone's Business: Protecting our Children

A public awareness and educational media campaign to help everyone support the prevention of child maltreatment



* It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (website with video, 0:31)
New Mexico Department of Health, Day One Video Series

* A Toddler's World and You (website with video, 0:31)
New Mexico Department of Health, Day Two Video Series


1. Defining Child Abuse, Victor Vieth, J.D. 1:45
What is considered child abuse and has that changed?

2. Prenatal Care, Jane Clark, PhD 2:10
How prenatal stressors can affect the baby’s health.

3. Baby Brain Development, Deborah Harris, LISW 2:50
Why early childhood care is crucial for a healthy baby.

4. Health Baby: Safety, Dr. Melissa Mason 1:00
Simple ways to keep your baby safe.

5. Healthy Baby: Reading, Johannah Ruddy, MEd 1:30
How reading to your child can strategically affect the future.

6. Healthy Baby: No Soda, Johanna Ruddy, MEd :35
Why soda is so harmful to children.


7. Everyone’s Business, John J Romero, Jr. Judge 1:45
Why this is everyone’s business and what you can do.

8. Place Matters, Magdalena Avila, PhD 1:10
How where we live can affect stressors and life span.

9. How to Report Abuse, Amy Dudewicz, Sergeant, SVU 1:05
What to report and why it is your duty. how to report child abuse

10. About Victor Vieth, Victor Vieth, J.D. 1:35
Why Victor Vieth decided to dedicate his life to protecting kids.

11. Is Child Abuse declining? Victor Vieth J.D. 1:00
A variety of statistics indicate that indeed, it is declining.

12. Stressors and Child Maltreatment, Angie Vachio :50
What are the causes of child abuse and what can we do?

13. Shaken Baby, Kathy Lopez Bushnell and Dr. Susan Miller 1:44
What happens when a baby is shaken and how to prevent it.

14. Pay Now or Pay Later, Allen Sanchez, CHI St. Joseph’s 1:00
When child maltreatment occurs, it affects the entire life.

15. Home Visiting, Allen Sanchez, CHI St. Joseph’s Children 1:00
Babies do come with instructions. It’s called “home visiting”.